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An AI Agent that writes and publishes newsletters autonomously

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Our AI Agent can copy your writing style or other masters to write engaging and personalized newsletters. No more manual writing or editing – our AI does it all for you. 

Schedule and publish your newsletters automatically on your chosen platform.

Our mission is to revolutionize Newsletter creation and distribution by harnessing the power of AI.





Gone are the days when you would need years to build a full fledge SaaS. With the immergance of AI, innovators can get the work done in months if not weeks.

But we already built our model and now we are feeding it high quality data to refine the outcome. We’ll launch our beta version to just waitlist community. So If you haven’t requested to join the waitlist. Do it now.



Let AI Run Your Newsletter 

 Newsletter business is growing from last 5 years and now it will explode to enter the new era – The AI era. Here’s how anyone can run an automated Newsletter Business.

Step 1

Pick Niche

Pick a topic that your audience loves and we’ll help you become their go-to source for insights! Your crowd will find you.


AI Agent will research for you


Scrape the internet for you


Find reliable sources for you


Find best suited writing styles

Step 2

Choose Style

After you pick your niche. Choose the writing tone that fits your brand’s personality. This way you’ll build a high quality brand.


You can upload your articles


You can copy the masters


You an edit the draft


You can add paid section

Step 3

Hit Publish

Ready to go live? Just hit publish and watch as your content flies into the inboxes of your eager readers.


Choose your favorite platform


AI will publish automatically


See the subscribers grow


Monetize the Newsletter with sponserships & paid section

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We strive to provide a seamless, personalized newsletter experience that empowers businesses, influencers, and creators to engage their audience effectively and effortlessly.


Primary Features

Let AI clone your writing style, perform research on your selected topics, gather latest insights and write high quality newsletters. Not just that it will publish the newsletter on schedule, automatically.

Seamless User Interface

Just follow 3 simple steps to fully automate your newsletter.

Intelligent Insights

Our system provides deep insights into engagement rates, popular topics, and subscriber growth to help your newsletter grow.

Frictionless Publishing

Once you setup the system. AI will write and post daily or weekly newsletters on time. No days off.

Easy Integriation

Choose your favorite Newsletter Builder like Beehiiv, Substack, Mailchimp or revue. We have plug-n-play integrations for all platforms.

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Let AI build your Multi Million Dollar Newsletter Business

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